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Thanks for your interest in TG Electronics, home of the orinal N8XJK Boost Regulator. Here at TG Electronics, we specialize in electronics production and repair, Audio/ Video systems, installations, product development, sales and more. TG Electronics was started in June of 2005 and is currently in open for business. Contact Tim Gerdeen if you have any problems with this website as it may be under construction or maintenance.

Contact info:

Tim Gerdeen

TG Electronics

54677 Canal Rd

Houghton, MI 49931

Ph: 906 487-9063

Cell: 906-370-5031

Email: timig@tgelectronics.org

As far as the booster regulator, credit for circuit design must go to Dan Kemppainen. Dan is an Electrical Engineer and a Ham radio operator (N8XJK) Please feel free to contact us for more info.

More about our boosters:   Dan Kemppainen(N8XJK)is the genius and original designer of the 12volt booster regulator circuit.  Also, TG Electronics works with and is backed by Dan Kemppainen to make sure you have the best possible customer service possible.

 A large amount electronic equipment on the market today do not tolerate low voltage conditions. This Boost Regulator was designed to supply a constant voltage to the equipment regardless of the input voltage. It's simply AMAZING!!!

 The Boost Regulator is a switching power supply that regulates the output and boosts the voltage to your equipment. The increased voltage prevents distortion commonly seen on modern mobile radios. It also maintains transmit power and allows longer operation from a battery.

 The Boost Regulator was designed so the boosted voltage is added to the battery voltage. This means only the difference between the input and output voltage is converted by the internal Switch Mode Power Supply. With this configuration, the losses only apply to the Boosted Voltage. This means that real world efficiency is above 90%!

 The unique design of the Boost Regulator allows input voltage to be present at the output of the supply even when the supply is disabled or is in stand by mode. No transfer relays are required. The Boost Regulator does not boost voltage when battery voltage is above the regulator set point. If there is enough input voltage, it doesn't do anything! But as soon as you need it, it's there!

 Your new Boost Regulator will allow you to maintain any output voltage greater than battery voltage, up to 15 volts. The Boost function can be enabled manually via a front panel switch, or automatically via the RF detect input attached to the antenna lead of the transmitter. This allows the Boost Regulator to supply boosted voltage only when transmitting.

 In bypass, the input voltage is passed to the attached radio with no regulation. In this mode, the filter stage of the supply is still in circuit and will act to filter RFI from the battery voltage to the radio. This can help to reduce noise induced into the power circuit from other attached electronic devices such as Chargers, Alternators, Ignition systems. If RFI is a concern, this unit is for you!!

 We can custom build this unit the way you need it. The N8XJK Boost Regulator comes with 4' lengths of cable and optional Anderson Powerpole connectors. Call Tim Gerdeen of TG Electronics at (906) 370-5031 or email timig@tgelectronics.org for custom orders and more details.